“My singing journey began from Chandigarh”

Mannat Noor, a singing sensation who has become famous globally with his song ‘Laung Laachi’, does not need any introduction in singing field but only few people know that the custodian of such a melodious voice is a proud daughter of Jammu. She belongs to Reasi district of Jammu region and was born and brought up in a Hindu Rajput family in the hilly district. Though she has sung many Punjabi movie songs but it is only title track ‘Laung Laachi’ of Punjabi movie ‘Laung Laachi’ which brought her into limelight.
In a freewheeling chat with Govind Sharma, Mannat talked about her singing experience, achievements and her future plans.
Q- You have become world famous with ‘Laung Laachi’ song but we want to know how your journey in the singing field started?
A- It has been very beautiful journey but I will say it is just a start. As you know I belong to Reasi district, which is a hilly district, so being a ‘Pahari’ girl I was a very shy. My singing journey began from Chandigarh where I had moved after the completion of my higher secondary education. I had the hobby of singing right from the word go from my childhood but it is Chandigarh city from where my singing career started.
Q- We have come to know that you were very shy in your childhood. How that shy girl turned into a singing sensation?
A- You have rightly said that I was very shy but I had the innate talent of singing and my teachers were aware of that. You don’t believe I was so shy that when my teachers used to ask me to sing in class, I used to sing from behind their chair but today I have to sing in front of large audiences and with the grace of God I have gained so much confidence that I don’t feel uneasy now.
Q- Do you have ever aspired to become a playback singer or it was just a co-incident?
A- As you know I belong to a place where there was no scope of singing and I couldn’t get exposure there. I did not know what is playback singing or that songs are recorded and how to go in singing field but when I went to Chandigarh, I gained contacts, new friends came into my life and slowly and steadily I entered into singing profession and finally reached to this position.
Q- Today, you have so many fans globally but we are excited to know whose fan are you.?
A- I like many singers and listen to their songs but the singer to whom I consider my ‘Guru Mata’ is Alka Yagnik ji.
Q- If we talk about Punjabi Film/Music Industry, Punjabi songs are listened worldwide but there are some Punjabi singers whose songs roam around guns and drugs. Do you think these types of songs put negative impact on our youth?
A- I cannot comment on this as every singer has his/her own taste. I sing songs which I like and others sing what they like. Actually, one cannot accuse only singers for these types of songs as there are a large number of audiences of these songs and that is why many of these songs are big hits. Many good songs like ‘Laung Laachi’ with good words and thoughts are also being written and people are fond of them.
Q- For past some time there has been a trend in Punjabi Music Industry that singers are becoming actors. Do you have such a plan?
A- No, I have no such plan as of now. Presently, I want to focus on my singing and do better only in this field as people love my singing and recognize me from my songs. As far as acting is concerned, the Punjab is full of beautiful and talented girls which can do well in acting.
Q- Tell us about your work in Punjabi Film Industry.
A- Besides ‘Laung Laachi’ song, I have given voice to many beautiful songs. About 70 percent of total Punjabi songs which are released, are sung by me. I feel proud in saying that in every new Punjabi movie, I have the privilege of singing at least two or three songs. In recently released ‘Muklawa’ movie, which was a big hit, all the songs were sung by me.
Q- Now, you have a big name in Punjabi Music Industry and people know you as a Punjabi singer. But, do you ever sing in your mother tongue – ‘Dogri’?
A- In my childhood, I used to sing many Dogri songs and today also whenever I get some time from my busy schedule, I hum famous Dogri song “Pala Sipahiya Dogerya Rasliyan Rasliyan Taaran…”.