Mother – An indomitable bond

Karanvir Gupta
You came along when I needed you most
You held my hand, you held me close
You showed me that tomorrow the sun will shine
And Life isn’t bad all the time!
I remember these lines from a gift I gave to my mother a few years back which is probably some nine-ten years of time. It was a simple gift and I loved the quote on that because it rhymed too well. I guess but I realised it quite later what those words really meant. As a child we are grown so oblivion to the things our mothers do for us, those little things she takes care of with utmost ease that we never realize what it takes it to do all that. After all every girl who turns out to be a mother one day was a child herself then how is it that when she becomes the mother all the wisdom prevails upon her. Some answers we will never be able to find and certain questions we should not even dare ask. But what we can actually do is BE THANKFUL to the almighty for such a wonderful bond he orchestrated and to the mother who lives upto the expectations of this bond flawlessly and relentlessly. And Mother’s Day is one such day to express your love and gratitude towards your mother-your first love.
There are people in society who see celebration of such ideas as westernization of our mindsets and degradation of Indian values and ethos. They go upto the extent of preventing people from celebrating such occasions. On the one hand it can be seen as a reflection of the thought such people carry that why you need one particular day to celebrate the bond of mother-child and praise her with all the accolades. You should be observant of that very fact and her deeds all the time and should be reverent to your mothers all the time. A well lead thought though. On the other hand I ask, if we can copy so much from the western world just for the heck of it sans weighing pros and cons why not adopt a day which has so good intentions. Every child howsoever bad or disagreeing s/he is but loves his/her mother without any doubt. Certain children are expressive and others not. So this day gives opportunity to all such children to walk to the last mile and express their feelings. This is just a way to show that how much she-the mother means to you.
On this Mother’s Day which is observed in most of the countries on second Sunday of this month, here is my ode to all the mothers out there who make the world a beautiful and trustworthy place to be in, who are the makers of the society and hence the nation because children are but reflection of a mother’s upbringing and nurturing. It is them alone who have the power to change the course of a man’s life by their love, care and affection. This is to the unmatched might and power of the word and the world called MOTHER!
I remember, I remember
In the darkest of nights and thunderstorms
When I would be scared and frozen I stood
How beautifully would you surround me by your arms
And all the fears and aberrations would boo.
I remember, I remember
In the most restless moments I breathe
When nothing would soothe me and put in rest
Your lullabies would work wonders and miracles
As in you played some magic wand.
I remember, I remember
In the whackiest of my ideas and dreams
How would you turn into my undeterred strength
Pushing me to toil hard and achieve
And also made me realize of the ground lying beneath.
I remember, I remember
In all the victories I bagged home
How would you shimmer with glory and pride
How you would let go my mischief
But also taught me to refrain from any vice.
I can imagine, Oh Mom
When I would be sprouting in your womb
How much care and pain you would have undergone
For all those little steps as toddler I would have took
How your eyes would be glued and fingers hooked.
I know it well, Oh Mom
In adversaries or in good ridden times
How your prayers have blessed and protected me
For all what may come, I know Mom
Nothing can compensate for your warmth.
So Dear Readers, for all what our mothers have done for us and still doing in their tacit ways, here is your chance to express your thanks and love to her for her doings you will never be able to repay but only be grateful for by promising her a life full of happiness, smiles and by being on her side always as she used to be. In the glory of our Dear Mothers, Cheers and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
(The writer is a Software Engineer by profession in Chennai.)