Monetary assistance of battle casualties

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has given his approval to the proposal of enhancement of monetary assistance to the next of kin of all categories of battle casualties. That, the assistance from Rs.2 lacs as at present has been raised to Rs.8 lacs is a welcome step and denotes the concern of the government and the people towards our defence personnel. The country where its defence personnel are respected and remembered as also provided with all that was due to them, looking to the superb duties they were performing, is in true sense a great country and we, the grateful people, have been taking pride in doing that.
There is Army Battle Casualties Welfare Fund (ABCWF) and the total enhanced amount will be paid out from that fund. Different provisions depending upon the nature of casualties for such payment had been in vogue including the fatal casualties getting Rs.2 lacs only which has now been standardised. It may be noted that this assistance is over and above the usual family pension and other monetary benefits otherwise payable to such personnel.