MOIL revises manganese ore rates

NEW DELHI, Sept 1: State-run MOIL has revised the rates of various grades of manganese ore and other products.
The fixed/revised prices of different grades of manganese ore and other products are effective from September 1, 2018, the MOIL said in a statement.
Providing the details, it said the prices of ferro grade has increased by 5 per cent.
“The prices of SMGR, Chemical Grade and Fines have been continued as prevailing since August 1, 2018. However, a discount at the rate of 10 per cent will be offered on the prices effective from September 1, 2018 on specific grades of material (BGL523, DBL456 and& DBL457),” it added.
MOIL said on sales of BGF534, existing discount of 5 per cent during August, 2018 is increased to 10 per cent for dispatches during September’ 2018. (PTI)