Governor with pro people agenda

At a perceptive as well as hypersensitive time of taking over as the constitutional Head of the State, Satya Pal Malik feels not only the extent of responsibilities but the nature thereof as well, as compared to the state from where he had been serving in the same capacity here- before. That is, perhaps, why he has made his genre and pattern of functioning very clear, dispelling any speculations about his pursuing any political agenda, though having been from the vast political experience as having been elected to the UP state legislature, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and having been Governor of a major state like Bihar. He has made it known that the people of the state should get a feeling that “this Government and the Governor is for them”. He sincerely desires his administration to be more responsive to the problems of the people and be easily accessible to them as well.
The problems of the State, apart from reeling under Pakistan sponsored terrorism and radicalization in most of the districts of Kashmir valley, have been that of unresponsive State administration towards the problems of the people. Redtape(ism), delays, deferments, corruption and non accountability have been rife with impunity. Undoubtedly , people feel a mark , a slight difference in the style of functioning of the State administration under the Governor’s rule and Governor S. P. Malik’s declaration that the people of the state should feel that “this is the Government for the people and is always accessible to them” shall come handy as a succour and sustenance to the people. However, most of the people from Kashmir region want peace and tranquility to be restored while a small fringe section is bent upon sabotaging the process of normalcy revisiting the valley by acting as agent saboteurs of Pakistan.
In fact, that remains the main area which would require the administration focus its attention on, besides other priorities which the Governor set out for the Advisors and bureaucrats, sending a clear message to them that they were for the people whose problems had to be resolved at any cost. The reorientation of the administrative apparatus as seemingly firmly resolved by the Governor, bears no ground to be speculated about, especially his going to the extent of declaring the Raj Bhawan to be the people’s house.
We increasingly commend the gesture and intentions of the Governor and expect the casual administrative approach, if not absolute apathy, towards the problems of the people to be over sooner than later. Stopping damages by wanton digging of roads by more than one agencies one after the other, in most of the roads and lanes of Jammu city especially in West Jammu constituency, frequent faults in supply of electricity, frequent disruptions in water supply, shortage of facilities and medical staff in Government Hospitals and Health Centers and scores of other problems faced by people must be on the priorities of the State administration to address.
It is heartening to note that the Governor has issued instructions to Deputy Commissioners to earmark one day a week exclusively to listen to the problems of the people and also inform them about the follow up action. Likewise, Advisors will reportedly tour one district headquarter every week to meet people and resolve their issues.