Mismanagement at Ban and Sarore toll plaza

It has become a routine affair at two toll plazas at Ban and Sarore to charge excess amount of toll from the commuters having FASTags while completing the return journey within 24 hours. In other words, on one’s return journey within 24 hours , less amount than recovered at the entry time was to be charged. When there is a provision to that effect not to charge again the same amount within that time schedule why not to adhere to that sounds strange.
Why should the earlier toll charges receipt not have the in print facility of recording time of entry to match with return time to decide whether to charge the same amount or not. Despite numerous complaints received by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), no permanent solution has been found out. In an era of fast disposal of complaints and mandatorily having a working and responsive grievances redressing mechanism , NHAI cannot keep this irregularity continuing to the peril of the commuters. An early decision and a permanent action are required to be taken in the matter.