Misguided youth must now join the mainstream

It is an admitted fact that the backbone of Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir has been broken , some sporadic incidents , targeting unarmed innocent civilians and poor labourers notwithstanding which are acts of heinous crime prompted by sheer cowardice . Those few desperate acts are indirect admission by militant outfits and their sponsors of conceding defeat . Militancy , violence and spilling innocents’ blood can achieve absolutely nothing except destruction. The sooner the shreds of absolutely futile militant violence is stopped for ever, the better will it be particularly for such misconceived and misguided youth . Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, as such, has stressed upon the fact that violence had no place in any civilized society. Stressing on the importance of plural culture which got strength by diversity , he conveyed the need to respect it and make it deep rooted in Jammu and Kashmir.
There are two vital things to be seen just in a simple and ordinary manner. One- has violence in any part of the world ever achieved anything ? Obviously not, then what can a few infiltrators from Pakistan and a few misled and misguided youth in the UT especially in Kashmir valley achieve , hypothetically speaking, even if they keep up with this nuisance of militancy for another 100 years. Two- a country of which Jammu and Kashmir is a part , is a free , democratic, liberal , strong and a fast developing country where plenty of opportunities are available and where the factor of religion in deciding anything is unheard of as against Pakistan where one regime in power is ousted and replaced by another while a third one is waiting in wings to ”takeover” or in other words, where there is perpetual political instability.
Knowing from the people there in Pakistan about the cynicism, frustration and hopelessness they keep nursing about their (failed) country, must open the eyes of these fallaciously driven persons preferring gun as their ”mission”. The Pakistani youth are feeling proud and not jealous of India making tremendous progress in every field and how it is going to become the 4th biggest economy of the world by 2025 as against their country facing an inflation of 25 % and not trusted by any country/institution to lend . These Pakistani citizens when interviewed by their own media personnel about India in comparison to Pakistan, their views must open the eyes of these misguided youth. India is touching new heights of progress and achievements and the youth of Jammu and Kashmir must be partakers of that progress hence renewed urging them by the Lieutenant Governor to shun the path of violence and join the mainstream. Advice and suggestions on similar lines have, on umpteen times, been made by the Government including by even the Army /Police authorities which has definitely had an impact but certain residual and ”left over” elements are still oscillating between the options.
Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha while paying tribute to Gandhi Ji on October 2 reminded the people that when darkest clouds were hovering over the subcontinent in 1947, how Gandhi Ji had seen “a ray of hope” in Kashmir and the assurance of Jammu and Kashmir being “built as per Bapu’s dreams” must be taken as an opportunity to own peace and order as a way of life than the obverse especially when “every section of the society is being empowered without any discrimination”. At the event, prizes for notable achievements were given to different educational institutions from across the UT and Swachh Vidyalaya (Cleanest Schools) awards too were conferred on best performing schools thus inculcating the habits in young students about keeping their environs clean and tidy.
Normalcy is fast returning to Jammu and Kashmir, all routine activities are humming including tourism, trade and commerce , frequent shut downs are now unheard of, developmental activities are on fast track basis and ,therefore, it is right moment to shun every grain and remote sign of any violence and instead embrace the mainstream. Let the Bus not be missed, again.