Breakthrough in Udhampur twin blasts

It must be fairly acknowledged that now perpetrators of crimes like the one recently witnessed in Udhampur town and other detestable acts of militancy are nabbed sooner than any later. It is on two accounts that at the outset such acts have drastically come down and the number of enemies of peace and harmony is fast descending and two – the security forces including the Jammu and Kashmir Police are more energised and increasingly alert and getting necessary inputs and the required critical information about the culprits and other suspects.
A ”surrendered” militant has thus been arrested who was the ”agent” and an operative of the Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) terrorist outfit from whom large quantity of the IED and other material used for such sticky bombs and time devices have been recovered. Like this, not only did the Police crack the case but with the arrest of the main culprit all other diabolical plans and conspiracies by hostile forces from across the border will get fairly known and thus nipped before those could be executed. Needless to add that the assertion that “Pakistan cannot see the development of Jammu and Kashmir” hence indulging in such acts can be termed not something beyond expectations in the sense that a country born against India can hardly be interested in our development as “an enemy once is enemy always”.