Mehbooba stands vindicated on ceasefire: Madni

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, May 16 : People’s Democratic Party (PDP) vice president, Mohammad Sartaj Madni has welcomed Union Home Minister’s assurance to State Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to effect unilateral ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan as desired by her.
He said this will pre-empt violence or any harm to innocent people and will lead to a new atmosphere of confidence building in the troubled State.
Madni said that Jammu and Kashmir has suffered immensely due to militancy related violence and holy month of Ramadan offers an opportunity to the State to make an appropriate assessment for an effective strategy that provides relief to masses.
He said the concept of a welfare State seizes to exist if a common citizen is seen pitied against the State machinery. While drawing a strategy to deal even with difficult situations, the law and order machinery has to be aware about this obligation in the interest of its own reputation.
Madni said, it is in this belief about the democratic structure and Centre’s willingness to cooperate that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti desired declaration of cease-fire and sought involvement of all political compositions to make this happen.  She wanted this to make a fresh beginning in restoring people’s confidence in the strength of the State to bear the losses and yet be people-friendly. PDP is happy that CM is vindicated.
Madni said the experiences of New Delhi are not limited in respect to problems facing the State of Jammu and Kashmir and restraint is not the first or last experiment for tackling insurgencies. In any situation the motive and purpose is to secure the confidence of the citizens in the system and that can only be done fashioning the establishment into compassionate and prudent mindset. He said ceasefire announcement following security force top brass announcement to scale down CASO’s comes as great relief and should be implemented in letter and spirit.
Madni said former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee  adopted such an approach and was  able to leave an  indelible impression  on minds of the people on the efficacy and positivity of compassionate and reconciliatory measures , which if continued will yield dividends to all.
Madni expressed hope that decision of restraint will thus be further expanded to virtual ceasefire so that a beginning is made to build bridges with youth through public good will which cannot be earned otherwise . He said holy month of Ramadan has given New Delhi a chance to focus on the promises made and deal with the situation in Kashmir through confidence building envisaging a spirit to own. He said now is the time that reconciliatory measures are strengthened gradually even in situations of provocation so that State establishes its credentials as a benevolent power committed to protect the honour , lives and property of the masses.