Medical research work and internet

Suspending the internet facilities since August 5 in Jammu and Kashmir has laid bare one positive thing in a way that how much popular and indispensable this internet has turned out to be to the extent of affecting our trade, communication, settling claims, filing papers and reports and even studies . In comparison, how all these activities were going on in its absence until only a few years ago and perhaps with good results. Well, that being a topic needing academic debate and discussion, the fact , however, remains that it seems in its absence we cannot, now do much better.
Medical research work and studies and other valuable allied work by many Doctors across various hospitals in the valley have been affected to the extent of nose-diving to zero levels. Many research papers and findings in the medical field have got stalled from being “sent out” for publication purposes and the faculty members on the roll of Government hospitals are sore about that avoidable happening. We cannot, however , fully agree as someone may argue that the absence of this facility had resulted into plunging in the “stone age” as all the shining stars in medical science history whom we still read and learn from had no internet facility . Yes, with changing times and getting attuned to available facilities , internet has assumed its own importance. We have been advocating the cause of hospitals, through these columns, for being considered as exempted from the temporary embargo which is there since August 5.