Manage Traffic

Refer news item ‘Chaos on city roads as Traffic Police confines itself to revenue generation’ DE Oct 19, 2019.
The traffic scenario in Jammu city is worsening day by day. One sees frequent traffic jams almost everywhere in the city. It may worsen further after Durbar move. There may be further addition of vehicles to the already huge number currently plying on Jammu roads. The presence of banquet halls on major arteries of the city has compounded the problem further. With the result, it is chaos everywhere on roads these days. Traffic jams not only pollute the environment but also waste time and money of the public. The Traffic Department may have its own set of departmental woes in terms of shortage of manpower and infrastructure because of which it is unable to manage this traffic. The Governments must intervene immediately in this matter also. The traffic system needs to be managed efficiently for the sake of commuters.
Veer Singh