Implementation of Motor Vehicle Act

The amended Motor Vehicle Act ushered a new ray of hope that with implementation of the act atleast thousands and thousands of valuable lives lost in fatal road accidents every year would be saved. It is not that such an act didn’t exist before, but the non-implementation, in letter and spirit, caused immense loss of human lives, which is irreparable in nature. Truly, with unbend finger, ghee can’t be taken out. Until the laws are sincerely implemented, the desired results can’t be achieved. What one fears most is involvement of corruption prevailing in the system.
If the procedures are streamlined for procurement of documents relating to vehicles and only skilfully trained drivers are allowed to drive, chances of accidents can be reduced. But ill trained and immoral drivers resort to overloading and rash driving cause bloodshed on roads. The Act, though appears tough would surely shorten the graph of tragedies happening daily. The character of citizens is more important for implementation of a rule than the act how nicely it might be made.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)