Make-up mistakes

Shahnaz Husain
Everybody makes mistakes, but make-up lovers definitely need a bit more practice as they seem to happen at the worst possible moment like when you’re running late for a kitty party . Women, have good instincts when it comes to beauty routine, but their everyday routine is actually full of beauty blunders. Woman make whole lot of experimentation in make up routine in their desire to create a perfect matte effect.
Women take hours in front of the mirror to get their makeup right. The only problem is, sometimes they don’t know what that change should be. The makeup products aren’t the most foolproof tools on the planet. Actually, they require lot of trial and error to avoid a beauty disaster.
We’ve got ways you might be doing your makeup blunders and why they may be throwing a wrench in your routine.
Washing the face with soap and water is a good cleansing method.
No. Actually, soap does not remove make-up, dirt and pollutants so efficiently. Moreover, most soaps are alkaline. They not only disrupt the normal acid-alkaline balance, but also make the skin dry.
Washing the face with soap and water several times is good for greasy and problem skin.
No, this is not true. The skin should not be washed with soap and water more than twice a day. Soaps make the skin too alkaline and this actually predisposes it to bacterial attack, leading to problems like acne.
Salon Facial Massages are good for all skin types.
Salon facials include facial massage with creams. Oily skins should not be massaged with creams, as this stimulates the oil glands further. A facial for oily skins should comprise only of cleansing, exfoliation, toning, mask and protection.
Cream should be applied on the skin and left on all night.
The skin can only absorb that much and no more. In fact, the pores should be free of cream when we sleep. However, if the skin is very dry, a light liquid moisturiser can be applied after wiping off excess cream with moist cotton wool.
Applying cream around the eyes at night and leaving it on helps to prevent wrinkles.
This is a wrong practice. Actually, the area around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than most other areas. Cream should never be left on all night around the eyes. A special under-eye cream should be applied and removed after ten minutes.
A normal skin does not need routine skin care.
This is a common misconception. All skins need daily care, to remove the pollutants and dirt that settle on the skin, as well as to protect and maintain its health and beauty.
Blackheads are collections of dirt in the pores.
This is not correct. Blackheads are caused by the collection of hardened sebum (the skin’s natural oil). Since the pore is open, the tip is exposed to the air and gets oxidized, hence the black coloured tip and the name “blackhead.”
Adolescents do not need to worry about acne as they will soon grow out of it.
This is absolutely wrong advice. Actually, adolescents need protective and corrective care for acne, because it can spread and cause extensive scarring. Acne can be prevented and controlled with appropriate daily care.
Stretch marks only form after pregnancy.
Not true. Stretch marks can form even before pregnancy, as they are caused due to loss of skin elasticity. This occurs when there is weight loss after weight gain.
Sunscreens need not be applied in winter.
Sunscreens need to be applied in winter too, especially since we spend more time out in the sun. Sunscreens help to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.