Main reason for stress is not accepting truth: PM on Jammu student’s query

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) and LG Manoj Sinha with students (right) during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ on Friday.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) and LG Manoj Sinha with students (right) during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ on Friday.

Pariksha Pe Charcha: live telecast in 3000 schools

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today mentioned competition among students as a stress-inducing factor and suggested that students live and learn from themselves and their surrounding while strengthening their inner capabilities.
Modi was responding to almost similar questions by students from Jammu and Palwal, Haryana during sixth edition of `Pariksha Pe Charcha’, his annual interaction with students on issues such as exam stress, at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.
Nidah, a Class 10 student from Government Model Higher Secondary School Sunjwan, Jammu posed a question to the Prime Minister about channelizing the stress from not getting the desired results even after hard work.
Parshant, a student of Shaheed Naik Rajendera Singh Rajkiya School at Palwal, Haryana also raised almost similar question as to how stress affects the results.
The Prime Minister said main reason for stress after exams is not accepting truth on whether the papers went well. He said competition among students is a stress-inducing factor and suggested that students should live and learn from themselves and their surroundings while strengthening their inner capabilities.
Shedding light on outlook towards life, Modi remarked that one exam is not end of life and over thinking about the results should not become a thing of everyday life.
Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha joined `Pariksha Pe Charcha’ programmee of the Prime Minister along with students and teachers at Raj Bhawan, Jammu.
“This unique interaction of the Prime Minister with students will ignite creativity and encourage them to achieve success,” a tweet by the Office of LG J&K, said.
Telecast of `Pariksha Pe Charcha’ was organized in more than 3000 schools of Jammu division under the supervision of Principal Secretary School Education Alok Kumar and guidance of Dr Ravi Shankar Sharma, Director School Education Jammu, benefitting more than five lakh students, teachers and parents.
The event was telecast live in schools and other offices of the Education Department using different media platforms like TV, Radio, Internet etc. Most of the schools organized live streaming through their own ICT labs using internet facility.
Modi advised the students to never take the shortcut cautioning that cheating may help them in an exam or two but not in the long run and asserting that exam results are not the end of life.
He also advised parents that they should not pressure children due to social status, and asked students to focus on their work to come out of any such burden of expectations.
“Life cannot be successful with cheating. You may clear an exam or two but it will remain questionable in life. Hard-working students should not despair at the temporary success of the cheaters and said that hard work will always benefit them in their lives. Exams come and go but life is to be lived fully,” he said.
Giving the example of people who cross railway tracks to go to another platform instead of taking the foot over bridge, the Prime Minister pointed out that shortcuts will not take you anywhere and said, “Shortcuts will cut you short.”
He also noted that some schools or teachers who run tuition classes strive for unfair means so that their students excel in the exams.
“Students should refrain from wasting time in finding ways and preparing cheating material and spend that time in learning. Secondly, in these changing times, when life around us is changing, you have to face exams on every step,” he said as he noted that such people can only clear a few exams but eventually fail in life.
He cautioned students against excessive use of gadgets and asked them to believe in their smartness and not of their mobile phones.
The Prime Minister also advised students against boasting about how well their exam went to avoid stress.
“Don’t consider your gadget to be smarter than you” is the advise PM Modi had for students to avoid addiction to online games and social media which result in distraction.
“Technology fasting” at regular intervals and a demarcated area as a “technology-free zone” in every household will lead to the enhanced joy of life and help children come out of the clutches of slavery of gadgets, the prime minister suggested.
“Parents should not burden their kids with expectations and asked the students to always evaluate themselves according to their potential. However, students should analyse the pressures and see if they are doing justice to their own potential. In such a situation these expectations may spur better performance,” he told the students.
Underlining the need for students to expand their horizons, Modi advised parents to give their children some money after classes 10 and 12 exams to travel to a few places and ask them to write about it.
“Students should be encouraged to go and meet people from different strata of society. Students should not be bound by many restrictions. We should allow them to expand their horizons,” he said.