Magisterial probe in Hyderpora encounter


We appreciate the decision of the UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir in having ordered a magisterial enquiry into an encounter in Hyderpora Kashmir where two militants and two other associates were killed. It is a step taken not only timely but also in the right direction to put to rest any type of apprehensions, doubts or misgivings on the said encounter. The findings of the enquiry would spill the beans as public sentiments and concerns must always get duly addressed in a democratic set up and about which Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha too in a tweet has reiterated the commitment of the government about protecting the lives of the civilians and that “it will be ensured that there was no injustice”. Agreed that the security forces were working in the UT , particularly in Kashmir valley, under extreme challenging situations and maintaining utmost restraint to ensure that no collateral damage took place while dealing with terrorists and have been doing exemplarily good work all these years but even a single doubt or apprehension about even a single operation was likely to tell upon the fair image of the forces which must be get probed into to let the facts be known and cleared.