Madrasa students

Refer news item ‘Madrasa students to be given mainstream education’ DE June 12, 2019. The decision of the Central Government to uplift the minorities by way of providing them education facilities and scholarships is a welcome move. The decision, if implemented whole heartedly will go a long way in furthering the cause of minorities in India. It was felt that madrasa which provide religious education to a good percentage of Muslim students are not keeping with modrn system of education. Hence the candidates coming out of these schools fail to get employment in Government or private sectors. The plight of these students was highlighted by Justice Rajinder Sachher report some years back. Though the Government of the day had taken cognizance of the report, much was not done in this direction by successive Governments. Now is the time when minorities are provided a platform wherefrom they could move on with dignity and honour and start contributing in the nation making.
Amit Khajuria