Unite against pollution

Now a days, the social media is flooded with the ‘Anti-Pollution’ advertisements. Be it news channels, Facebook, Instagram or even radio channels___ one common issue is brought up by these platforms- ‘Pollution’. Several channels host shows with some teams who take up the responsibility of cleaning a particular area_ be it land, coastal area or any water body. Several NGOs working for the welfare of animals host awareness programmes, educating people about the harm the plastic bags cause to the environment and the animals__ how the land texture is being continuously degraded, how birds are accumulating the plastic content in their gut, how it counts to the deaths of lakhs and thousands of sea/marine life. And the people, attending to these shows/posters/awareness programmes, i.e. the audience claps and seems to understand each and every bit of what has been said. At that moment, they seem to be responsible citizens and that is where the actual problem starts. See? It seems.
People are only good at seeming good. Nobody wants to be good. Everyone is trying to correct others without looking at themselves. Everyone has put on a mask and acts different persons at different times. They have put this mask on for so long that they no more recognize themselves while they look in the mirror. Everyone has mastered the act of seeming good. If it were not for this, there wouldn’t be rapid increase of plastic pollution in river bodies leading to the deaths of countless fishes and other aquatic creatures. Its only a matter of time that there will be more plastic in water bodies than fishes. Every person is correct according to himself/herself. But if everyone is right, then who is to blame? The Government. That’s when the blame-game comes into play. When the people fail to see the real self beyond the mirror, then they start blaming the Government ‘This govt. is useless’, ‘what has it done to fight pollution?’, ‘the condition of water bodies have been like this for years’ and so on.
In this present crises, we all need to understand that the problem is not the pollution. It is the people who despite being educated continue to act as morons. Hence, the problem of pollution will come to an end when the people stand in front of the mirrors and see their “true-self” and not the one they want others to see. Only then can they be good and not seem good. So, everyone should awake, arise and unite to fight this fight in making the world a happy and healthy place to live in.
Satyarth Pandita
on e-mail