Load penalty on Jammu airport removed, airlines as well as flyers to gain

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NEW DELHI, Sept 30: Domestic airlines would now be able to carry additional passengers on its flights to and from Jammu with NOTAM being issued for removal of 30 per cent load penalty on the airport.
With the removal of load penalty, airlines can now fly full load earning more revenue. As air-carriers would fly more passengers, airfares are expected to come down on the route.
Notice to airmen or NOTAM is a notice issued to alert pilots of potential risks along a flight route or at a location that could affect the safety of the flight.
An airline executive said that the move would make flights commercially viable and thus result in airlines mounting more capacity. “This is good for both airlines as well as passengers.
Tourism and other economic activities will also get a boost,” the executive said. He said that passenger load is currently lower on the flights to Jammu compared to pre-Covid level of 80-85 per cent but with removal of load penalty it could reach that level again sooner than later. (Agencies)