Literary Criticism in J&K

Literary criticism is a very important part of Literature. In higher classes, in any language, literary criticism is taught in colleges and universities. In literary functions and on book release functions papers are read with critical appreciation. Even in these modern times, the legendary writers and poets are still critically analysed. Even Shakespeare, Ghalib, or any other is critically evaluated. Jammu and Kashmir has a rich literature in its local languages like Kashmiri, Urdu, or Dogri. Hundreds books are published every year. Now it has become also a craze to have a book published whether one has a worthy literary work or not. Writers and poets should welcome the literary criticism with open arms. They must not get annoyed on any critic. Criticism enriches literature. But yes, the criticism should be well within the norms of literary criticism.
Vinod Sharma
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
Bhaderwah Rajmash
Apropos Bhaderwah Rajmash, A variety unique in taste by Dr.Banarsi Lal and Dr.AS Charak DE (Magazine, July 7, 2019) is a commendable attempt to highlight the superb taste of Bhaderwah Rajmash, whosoever has tasted it. Among the pulse crops and on the basis of area and productivity, it is rated as minor rain fed crop confined to a specific agro region of Jammu Division. There is no doubt that the cooking quality and taste as experienced by common people is superb and the variety is preferred over other types. However the reasons of super taste need to be validated and studied so as to justify the claim on scientific parameters like comparative nutritive values, cooking quality, digestibility etc.
Prof.(Dr.) B L Puttoo