Liquor scam to unmask AAP’s real face: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh in a late evening election rally during the MCD election campaign for BJP at East Delhi on Monday.
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh in a late evening election rally during the MCD election campaign for BJP at East Delhi on Monday.

Excelsior Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Nov 28 : Coming down heavily on Aam Aadmi Party leaders (AAP) for their claim that that they had received a clean chit in the Delhi Liquor Policy case, simply because the name of their alleged Minister did not figure in the CBI Charge Sheet, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said today, this is a frivolous argument meant to hoodwink the innocent people. He said, any citizen with common sense would understand that this is only the first charge sheet filed by the CBI, but the case has not been closed and a probe against the concerned Minister is going on.
Addressing a series of meetings/road shows as a part of the MCD election campaign in different parts of Delhi, Dr Jitendra Singh said, it is only a matter of time when the whole truth will come out and the dubious liquor scam will unmask AAP’s real face before the world.
Expressing confidence that the people of Delhi will once again give a decisive mandate to BJP in the MCD election, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the socalled education model of the AAP government proved to be a hoax and the AAP’s liquor model had to be withdrawn after criticism from all quarters. But before that, crores of rupees had exchanged hands in the name of securing liquor licenses and so called upfront payments, he added.
Tearing apart the Fake Education Model of Delhi of Fake Aadmi Party, Dr Jitendra Singh alleged that while Delhi Chief Minister is trying hard to sale his Shiksha Model by advising that government schools should be opened all over the country, but not a single complete school has been opened in the city in the past eight years.
Dr Jitendra Singh charged that while Delhi Chief Minister is promising Moon to voters in Gujarat that he will restore Old Pension Scheme, will make contractual employees permanent, apart from Power and other freebies, the reality is that over 20,000 posts of teachers were lying vacant in Delhi schools and almost an equal amount of contractual teachers awaiting permanent employment.
The Minister alleged that after the news reports of delay in salary payment to employees and teachers in Punjab, in Delhi also over 600 vocational teachers hired by the government were not ready to work due to poor salary.
Referring to the annual ritual of Delhi-NCR becoming “Gas Chamber” during winter due to Parali burning mainly in Punjab, Dr Jitendra Singh said, earlier the Chief Minister used to blame the Congress Government in Punjab for farm fires, but now his own CM Maan sounds helpless and clueless on the subject. He cautioned the people that if AAP is voted to power in MCD elections, Delhi will also get the dubious distinction of “Garbage Chamber” along with “Gas Chamber”.
Dr Jitendra Singh remarked that the Soap-Opera of Satyendra Jiain refuses to die down as new videos of this Bharat Ratna “claimant” jailed Delhi Minister emerges at regular intervals on Prime Time News Channels. He said, forget the special massage to housekeeping personnel for cleaning and arranging the AAP leader’s Tihar cell or his controversial interaction with the suspended Jail Superintendent, even a Delhi Court had to dismiss Jain’s plea seeking special food in jail and this speaks volumes about the Governance Model of Kejriwal.