Lily James says she fears getting typecast

LONDON, May 19: Lily James says she constantly worries about getting boxed in “romantic girl” roles.

In an interview with Psychologies magazine, the 30-year-old actor said she believes there are many parts to her personality which are yet to be explored.

“It sometimes stresses me out that I’m being offered a lot of roles that fit that description because I have much more to offer than being confined to that ‘romantic girl’ box – I have many sides to my personality,” James said.

“I can get angry quite easily if things bother me… I want to be able to express my many different sides in all sorts of characters,” she added.

James, however, said that she still remembers a key piece of advice she received from Kenneth Branagh, her “Cinderella” director, to calm herself down.

“When I was working with Kenneth Branagh on ‘Cinderella’, he told me I must be patient and that I had a long career ahead of me and opportunities would open up in time. That advice keeps me from getting upset or worrying too much about being typecast,” the actor said.

James, who started out by starring in period projects, said she feels relieved as she has started getting parts that are contemporary.

“It was a long time coming and I honestly couldn’t wait. I was starting to feel persecuted by corsets! I was lucky to have played those parts though it’s more that you don’t want people to think of you only in those terms.

“In this profession, it’s almost impossible to plan your work in advance – all you can do is wait and choose the best projects available. You’re dependent on circumstances,” the actor said.

James will be next seen in Danny Boyle’s next, “Yesterday”, opposite Himesh Patel. The film is scheduled to be released in the UK on June 28. (PTI)