PoK degrees are counterfeit in India

Let the historical fact that the part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir including Gilgit and Baltistan under continued illegal occupation of Pakistan (PoJK) being in fact an integral part of India, not be camouflaged by some people to reap vocational and other benefits in India or any part of India by holding academic degrees issued by institutions in PoJK. It is imperative to know that any institution , college, professional college etc in that occupied part by Pakistan should be established by the Indian Government followed by recognition by statutory bodies for the purpose established in this country. It may be recalled that despite India’s persistent claim on that part ever since its occupation by means of aggression by Pakistan in 1947 and resolutions and views unanimously having been passed in the Parliament , does not alter the position in respect of educational degrees issued by any of its institutions to those desirous of deriving benefits in India or in any part of India or getting treated at par with those issued by Indian institutions.
It could safely be inferred that anyone seeking admission in any of the educational institutions in the PoJK must bear in mind the fact that degrees issued by any of the institutions there were unacceptable, illegal and invalid in India.