LG exhorts officers to be bold, take risks for welfare of people

‘Come out of Save Our Skin mindset’

Nishikant Khajuria

JAMMU, Nov 15: Exhorting the officers to be bold and take risks for welfare of the people, Lieutenant Governor Girish Chander Murmu today denounced the mindset of playing safe for only to save own skin.
“We have to come out of this mindset and take risk. We have to be bold and see for what we are here. That is according to me is the hallmark of good governance,” he said, here today, while addressing the participants from 19 States and Union Territories, attending the Regional Conference on Replication of Good Governance practices in the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh.

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Pointing towards new opportunities in the Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh, which are in the transitional phase, the Lieutenant Governor stressed that we have to learn and re-invent certain things besides adopting lot of practices and laws from other States and UTs.
“J&K has already set in certain processes in this regard, particularly of public participation that is in the local body elections and application of 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments in true letter and spirit,” he said and exhorted the Government machinery to do that kind of things for attaining the ideal of a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Lamenting that some officers in the Government machinery don’t want to do anything but only prepared to save themselves, Mr Murmu said: “Over a period of time, we have mustered over a kind of SOS system, which means `Save Our Skin’ and allow the risk covered. We are prepared to save ourselves only but don’t want to do anything. That is our hallmark has become.”
The Lieutenant Governor further said that because of such kind of attitude, there are plethora of rules and regulations and order, which people don’t understand and sometimes even the officers don’t understand the same.
Reiterating that the officers have to come out of the old mindset, Mr Murmu said that taking risk and be bold for initiatives aimed towards welfare of people is the hallmark of good governance.
The Lieutenant Governor stressed that the Panchayti Raj and Local Bodies have empowered people on the ground while initiatives like ‘Back to Village Programme’ have yielded good results. “The officers and other people working under Back to Village Programme have direct connect to the people. They (officers) can understand the problems, issues and priorities of the villagers and accordingly provide them the services,” he explained.
“Through such programmes, this is actually expected and we are supposed to be always there to invent and re-invent,” Mr Murmu added.