Learn to live with virus

Think over it
Dr Kapil Sharma

Friends before I start one point I would like to make clear. VIRUS is not going anywhere soon. We can’t live lock downed for ever. We must ” Learn to Live with Virus” along side new Normals till vaccine/ cure arrive.
Yesterday on my way back home from duty, I saw a bakery shop opened. It was a big pleasant surprise for me. I immediately stopped and went for buying some. This shop was in rural area. I placed my order. The Baker immediately started grabbing my wishlist. He didn’t wash his hands. No gloves, was scratching his body. He was wiping his sweat with Parna (Shoulder hung long handkerchief). No hand washing/ Hygiene etiquatte. I felt disgusted and expressed same to him. Poor Baker was clueless. He was doing everything as he used to do before lockdown. Now I realised Post lockdown my mind-set is changed. Similarly post lockdown there will be many “New Normals”.
Friends there will be many New Normals post lockdown. We better get acquainted to them fast. Allow me to share new Normals which will change our daily routine life.
Friends our Wardrobe is soon going to have an addition – Facemask. Now on roads almost everyone will be using Facemask. It’s going to be matching or may be designer. Already fashion houses are coming out with matching Facemasks.
School uniforms will make facemasks compulsory.
Schools/Collages will be forced to devise some strategy to ensure Social Distancing. No body will like their ward studying in crowded classrooms.
Even for school/ college transport, parents will think twice sending their children in crowded vehicles. Another new Normal which emerged is online teaching. Lockdown has provided good mock exercise toward online teaching and it’s a turning out to be a Hit.
Readers our functions, social gatherings all are going to be arranged keeping Social Distancing in mind.
Routine functions at home where distancing is not feasible will be discouraged. Marriage, birthday, funeral, Uthalla etc all going to be tailored in accordance to public/ Government consent.
Our offices are not planned keeping Social distancing in mind. It’s going to be big headache managing public – Official interaction. Routine heavy rush at Counters/ Desks are going to a great Personal Relationship challenge.
Eating out in Restaurants is going to decline. Public will prefer home-cooked or Take away food. I strongly feel Innovation which will ensure infection free kitchen etc will be promoted. Advertising agencies will be coming out with such advertisements shortly.
A big change will be seen in relation to Air Conditioning at public places. As it was observed at Wuhan Virus travelled more distance than documented few meters with the help of direction of AC air and some families got infected. Researches are coming regarding Central Air Conditioning vs Window Air-conditioning which one is better in relationship to virus.
Doctors and patients management is going to be a huge challenge.
Our country second is most populated having population of 1.33 billion. How doctors shall proceed for examination is going to be interesting. Soon ICMR will come out with guidelines. Procedures producing aerosol like the one rendered by Dental surgeons is going to have new Normal too
Here we must talk about Beauty Parlours, Gyms, Tattoo Parlours, Hair salons etc. There will be advisories for them too. Especially in procedures where instruments like Blades, Scissors etc are used. Sterilisation at these places is going to be new Normal.
Travelling is going to change as well. A big challenge. Social Distancing in trains, buses, Matadors, Rikshaw etc. No one will like to sit in close proximity. Lifts will come out with notice like x number in one go and it will be much less than before. Patience is going to be tested under New Normals.
Annual religious gatherings has to be planned in accordance to new guidelines. Already Amarnath Yatra is undecided and Haj is not going to take place this year. Similarly public must adapt for Religious travelling according to New Normal.
Sports activities going to have a body blow. Imagine Olympics, World Cups, IPL etc being played closed door in empty Stadiums. Only live telecast, no audience. It’s definitely going to be a new Normal.
Soon for job employment or any other admission along with other certificate another certificate will be needed- Antibody Titter test report. Just to make sure one has Immunity and can’t infect others.
Friends until and unless vaccine/ cure arrives let’s start following New Normals and ” Learn to Live with Virus”
(The author is Dental Surgeon Government Health Services Government of J&K)