Knee replacement surgery of 120 kg weighing patient performed successfully

Dr Ranjit Singh posing with a patient on whom he performed knee replacement surgery.
Dr Ranjit Singh posing with a patient on whom he performed knee replacement surgery.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Oct 23: A 52-year-old woman from Jammu, who was going through years of agony of knee pain, was successfully operated upon by Dr Ranjit Singh, senior joint replacement surgeon, Apollo Hospital Amritsar, for knee replacement with his revolutionary ‘zero error technique’.
Obese patients suffer a lot more because of knee pains as their pain reduces their immobility further. When other medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease are there, matter becomes even worse. However, Dr Ranjit proved once again that these medical issues can’t be a hindrance to joint replacement.
Weighing around 120 kg, Balbir Kaur from Jammu had been suffering from severe knee pain and high blood sugar, high blood pressure and heart disease and has consulted lot of doctors for the same but none of the doctors gave her an assurance of recovering fully after knee replacement. Both obesity and high sugar added to the trauma of patient. The patient reached out to Dr Ranjit Singh after several recommendations and getting to know the exemplary “zero error technique” invented by the Doctor, she was convinced and ready for the road of recovery.
The surgery was performed the very next day at Apollo Hospital, Amritsar and it barely took 20 minutes. The patient started walking just few hours after surgery without any pain and there was no need for any blood transfusion. She was discharged 3 days after the surgery.
Briefing about his ‘zero error technique’, Dr Ranjit said this very special technique has made knee replacement painless and bloodless with 100 percent success rate with a very small cut on knee. This technology outshines the conventional methods of knee replacement in such a way that age, obesity, high sugar and other risk factors don’t become hindrance in good results. The patient resumes walk within two-three hours of surgery with almost no visible pain.
Dr Ranjit Singh, who is an eminent name in the field of joint replacement, has more than 10,000 successful knee surgeries to his credit. He was formerly working as senior consultant in Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad and Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar.