Knee crafted for women

Dr Manju Wadhwa
It is said that GOD created everybody differently. So is the rule for male and female. It is said that men are from mars and women are from Venus. By nature and by physique god has created them differently. They have difference in body structure, so they wear different outfits. Similarly there bone architecture is also very different. So how same joint can be  of use to both. Looking at the data and after carefully analysing and scrutinizing specialists came to the conclusion that females need to have joints which are more precise to suit their bones morphology. Women have slender and lean structure and so the joints should be created to match there bone model. So a knee came into existence to accommodate that and bear a more natural feel like the original one. It’s not only about the size but the shape does matter.
Research indicates that a woman’s knee is not simply a smaller version of a Man’s knee. The differences involve the bones, ligaments and tendons in the joints. Women can wear men’s clothing and shoes, but most prefer clothing and shoes made for them. That’s because women are shaped differently than men. It’s the same with knees, and it makes perfect sense to design knee implants with women in mind, particularly considering that women are by far the majority of the knee replacement patient population.
There’s never been a better time for women to have knee replacement. That’s because the new Knee is the only knee replacement specifically designed with women in mind, the shape and size as matched solutions and the surgery completely computer navigated. Women and men are different in many respects, including their knees. Traditional knee replacements are sized and shaped to fit an average of men’s and women’s knees. As more and more women have knee replacement surgery, it’s become apparent that traditional knee replacements, while highly successful in alleviating pain, may not feel or move like your natural knee. Women’s knees tend to be narrower than a man’s, and because their hips are wider, their knees move differently. The new knee Solutions is designed to accommodate those differences. A knee replacement that is based on an implant that has a 30-year proven track record of success, but with a change in shape that women can call their own. This Knee also can be placed with minimally invasive techniques, so you can recover faster, get back on your feet, and do the activities you enjoy sooner. Plus, it can safely accommodate a full range of motion, from standing to deep bending as far as you are able. So you can do everything from gardening to golfing to bending down to pick up your grandkids.
The author is MS, MCh Ortho (UK) Director & Head Max Elite Institute of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Max Hospitals Mohali)