Kidney transplant in GMC Jammu

Adding a feather in the cap of medical prowess and sheer professionalism of excellence, Government Medical College & Hospital Jammu achieved the eminence to be the first Hospital in Jammu and Kashmir to successfully conduct three kidney transplant operations . Kudos to the team GMC as it is no ordinary achievement on account of many difficulties mainly of visiting specialised hospitals out of Jammu and Kashmir involving considerable cost and botheration by the concerned patients and their immediate relatives is seemingly now things of the past .All these patients needed such delicate but life saving transplant since these patients were passing their days struggling to live on the support of dialysis which one suffering from renal failure has to undergo at regular short intervals .
It is heartening to note that even two of such patients have already been discharged from the Hospital. Who says that there was any less of efficiency, knowledge and absolute professional dexterity in handling delicate operations like the one under reference, in Jammu and Kashmir. Ancillary facilities, equipment as also a determined mindset with ability to take risks with minimum apprehensions worked achieving feats like the successful transplant and verily, therefore, the team received appreciation from the Lt. Governor and acclaim from the general public.