Khajuriapix Productions releases new lounge mix song ‘Dogre’

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Oct 19: Khajuriapix Productions’ new Dogri lounge mix song “Dogre “was released here today on the Youtube channel.
Glamour, richness, musical and soulfully powerful vocals with live instruments and apt acting are few of the key deliverables of this Dogri love song. “Dogre” is a proper lounge mix song especially created with love for youth in mind and pure Dogri writing can easily be felt at heart by the listeners of Jammu.
For non-Dogri speaking audiences, the song comes packaged with Hindi lyrics as well. The melody line of the song will make you hum this song yourself after the first audition itself. To show healthy friendship in a non-vulgar fashion and to celebrate togetherness with a hint of naughtiness, the art director chooses indoor colourful shoots to compliment the poetic marvel and enhances the overall richlook in a Dogri love song. This is a traditional rare Dogri song form called Trodka Geet.
Siddheshwar’s cinematography and direction sews the pearls of script and screenplay into a precious necklace. Sumit Khajuria, the man behind writing the poetry, composition of such music and singing it so well is a one-man-army, when it comes to production of audio/video.
The concept behind writing this poetry and finally translating it into a visual and a listening treat is totally professional. Electronic dance music with special use of Dholak, Chimta, Desi instruments fused with guitars and synths gives a new freshness just like the location of the shoot and the actors.
Sumit Khajuria and Seema Rajput have both starred in this video and the chemistry between them is well brought out by their perfect acting. This song is live on the Youtube channel of the producer named – Sumit Khajuria The full crew apart from the actors viz: Camera , Lights, Field recorders, editors, vfx to post production , all are local.