Kathua trial verdict

Acts of rapes and sexual assaults bring shame, chagrin and ignominy to the society and when children and minors are the victims, humanity is slurred. Court has decided the Kathua gang-rape and murder case and pronounced its judgment awarding life sentence to three accused and 5 year term in jail to three others while acquitting one.
While we should hope and pray for there being no such incident in future anywhere, it is the duty of all of us to honour the verdict of the court and not look at the case beyond the one of a heinous nature leaving no scope whatsoever of doing any politics or finding any alibi to give the ghastly committed crime any other colour. Rapes of minors are on the increase in the country, the recent one of jerking the spine at Aligarh followed by cases in MP must shake the conscience of the people. Sexual predators seem to get no lessons and that is quite shocking despite there being the provision of death penalty in cases of the victims below the age of 12 and making the section of 376 more stringent.