Joginder Singh Bedi to Develop an App for Creating an Online Marketplace for Influencers

A true businessman is not the one who individually scales heights but the one who creates an environment for others to grow as well. Joginder Singh Bedi is a perfect example of being an entrepreneur who loves working in the direction suitable to all.

Having succeeded as an entrepreneur and an influencer, Bedi is now developing an App which will help other influencers to grow. “The App will be an online marketplace for the influencers to ensure the growth of their businesses and it will also help them in establishing their brands globally,” remarked Bedi while sharing his plans.

The App is being developed keeping in mind the specifications that the influencers need to collaborate with the best brands. Also, it is equally important for the brands to get in touch with the right influencers, thus this App being created by Bedi would be the right platform for both influencers and brands.

The App undoubtedly will make sure that the influencers safeguard their monetary interests and there would be no scope left for the businesses to swindle.

Bedi further informed, “Most importantly, the App will provide complete protection from weird stalkers and frauds.”

In simpler words, this Application would facilitate the marriage between the “right partners” i.e. the platform will give multiple options to the brands/businesses as well as the influencers to connect and initiate business.

Emphasizing upon an important aspect, Bedi added, “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this platform will help even the small influencers to grow and increase their social media following,”