JMC needs to do more, not merely pass years

Though the elected body of the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) has completed its three years, yet as against the high expectations of the people, the JMC has not performed well. While on comparison, there is a slight improvement than what it all used to be especially in maintaining the city clean and collecting household waste material and lifting garbage from lanes and roads almost regularly , still there are areas where the JMC needs to have a focussed attention. Most of the roads in the city are in bad need of (quality) repairs since these roads are in dilapidated condition with ditches and water logging are seen all around .Clouds of dust seen over such broken roads add to the woes of the residents , shopkeepers and the commuters.
There is absolutely no concern shown by the JMC in repairing lanes and interior roads connecting various residential colonies in the city . Had there been a few instances only , the specific locations could have been mentioned but it being almost everywhere the same position, JMC must look into it . Repairs too appear to be sub-standard and the next rains wash such repairs off their location. We feel that there is no problem of finance or allocation of funds, but only of able and effective administration.