Are we formally “inviting” the third wave?

Those among us who mistakenly think that the demon of Corona virus had “gone” and thus having turned quite complacent about observing the precautionary norms are simply playing with fire. If due to any type of slackness, infections are again spread, it will be devastating looking to the speed and the variants of the virus reported to be quite in contrast to the first and the second waves. It is told that without showing normal symptoms it attacks straight away the core respiratory system of humans. A country like France as highly advanced and superbly in possession of the best medical infrastructure is currently horrendously reeling under the fifth wave of the virus and daily infection cases having reached double the figures compared to the last week, only demonstrate the lethal characteristics of the virus. Netherlands , Austria and other countries, again, not only are witnessing the worst only because of not observing the strict precautionary protocol by the citizens but now bewildered people facing wave after wave are on streets in desperation over the respective governments imposing COVID related restrictions.
We have news causing concern in the entire region – Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir respectively in respect of increase in positive cases. Leh in Ladakh witnesses surge in infections and among the infected ones, students being in good number denotes that the virus spares none, if slightly not observing the safety measures by the people becomes the norm.
It is firmly believed now and that also being beyond any doubt that only precautions, safety protocol and positive behaviour alone could prevent the spread of this dreaded virus. In Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in Kashmir valley, there have occurred some deaths too due to the virus while the number of positive cases is incessantly on the rise. Latest figures reported to be 160 positive cases in the UT with a trend to show upward movement and deaths too taking place must put all on alert. That is precisely why the Central Government has enquired about the surge in cases from the UT of Ladakh where several cases have been reported recently and Leh having recorded a 143 per cent rise in weekly positivity rate is definitely a serious matter. Deaths having taken place during the last 24 hours in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir must be taken as warning bells ringing. Jammu too has started showing an upward trend in respect of the Corona virus though there being no cause of alarm.
One more cause of concern is that the trend of infections is not limited to a district or two only but is slightly engulfing other districts too, that being the behaviour of the virus known for its lightening like speed in spreading. Jammu, Reasi, Poonch, Doda and Rajouri districts showing cases of infections means that the virus is not confined to a limited area but is spreading. In the same way, besides in Srinagar, Baramulla, Budgam, Kupwara, Anantnag, Bandipora and other places, the infected cases have been reported. The authorities reportedly keeping a close watch on and monitoring every trend and the manner of spread have put more areas in containment zone in Baramulla district. The matter assumes significant sensitivity looking to the behaviour of the virus in the second wave but it is really unfortunate that lessons learnt are forgotten fast only to our own peril as is evident in Ladakh, Kashmir and even in Jammu.
Massive testing for the virus is important especially of those who arrive as travellers by any mode as in Jammu, in particular, the positive cases generally have been found in those who were travellers. In containment areas, massive testing is necessary to contain the spread. Above all, it is how we behave to save ourselves and others too. Instances of advanced countries where better medical facilities were available, superb healthcare provided, still they are helpless to do anything as it is the people who having taken things about taking precautions very lightly and are, therefore, facing the worst. Why should, therefore, we not do everything possible to avert more waves to visit us and create devastations ? People are seen on roads, in vehicles, at shops and malls without wearing masks, not to speak of maintaining social distance. That is simply suicidal. Government machinery must come heavily, day and night, on those who break the safety /precaution protocol. If not voluntarily by most of the people themselves, let by strict policing COVID safety protocol be enforced.