Is the Jacksonville Jaguars the NFL Franchise for Indian Fans?

The National Football League in the US isn’t the sports organisation most associated with India. The Indian Premier League is the main brand in the subcontinent, as you would expect from a cricket-mad nation. However, even European football, especially the English Premier League, is more popular than the NFL.

Of course, India and its neighbours can expect gridiron to make a concerted effort to engage Indians seeing as the country is ripe with potential viewers. At some point, the marketing will be so intense that you’ll have to choose a franchise to follow, and it should be the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Home Representation

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any Indian nationals that have repped their home country in the NFL. But a couple of Indian American players and coaches are on the books, with several of them having links with the Jaguars. The highest-profile example is the current wide receiver coach, Sanjay Lal, who is of Indian descent.

Another familiar face is Shad Khan. Khan is from Pakistan originally, yet he represents the interests of the subcontinent. If a player from our region was ever going to break into the NFL, Khan would be their best avenue as he understands what it means to the league and billions of people across the subcontinent.

So, while the structure of the NFL doesn’t necessarily suit the interests of Indians due to cultural reasons, the Jaguars’ staff and owner give us something to get behind. After all, there is more representation in Jacksonville than anywhere else in American football.

Travel Enthusiasts

NFL franchises must travel more than their peers because the dollar is king in the US. If that means going to Canada or Mexico to take the field, then so be it. Even then, the Jacksonville Jaguars seem to have been bitten by the wanderlust bug. At the time of writing, the team has competed in England at least seven times.

This shows the Jaguars’ willingness not only to participate outside of the United States but to do it thousands of miles away from home. A select number of organisations can boast this. Should an NFL International Series occur in India, which is possible when you consider the market size of the sports industry, Jacksonville will be in the running, particularly given the franchise’s connection to the area. Now, the team is by no means capable of winning a Super Bowl, as their American football odds of +50,000 highlight. Only the Houston Texans (+75,000) have worse odds.

Regardless, it would be special to be part of the inaugural of the NFL to India, and vice versa. Experiencing the atmosphere is something that you would never forget. Watching the Jaguars may well elevate the event since Indian supporters would have an extra reason to engage with a match. It’s speculative, but the Jaguars’ travel history indicates that the organisation would be an ideal fit.

Better teams exist than the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Kansas City Chiefs, for instance, are +550 to regain Super Bowl LVI. However, no other NFL side has the draw in India of the Jacksonville Jaguars.