Install Location Tracking Devices on vehicles

The moot question is as to when the State Government is on the one hand, claiming that commercial vehicles are already in the process of being fitted with Vehicles Location Tracking Device (VLTD) with intent to ensure the safety and the security of the passengers in compliance with the directions of the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), why should, on the other hand, the transporters in Jammu and Kashmir raise questions about it in one form or the other understanding fairly well the importance and the requirement of installing of such devices in militancy infested state ? What issue is there about installing the high powered number plates except resisting any move for the sake of resistance on frivolous grounds?
We understand that there have been meetings between the representatives of the transporters and the Government officials in respect of the issue of installation of the VLTDs in the commercial vehicles and the fact having been conveyed to them in respect of both the importance of the installations, the back-up support from the Transport Department in respect of the installation of the Control Room to monitor the utility of these devices and attempts to remove shortcomings, if any of minor nature, and resolving other issues. For every decision to fructify in showing results, some time is required which in the instant case and therefore Transport Department should give some more time to vehicle owners. But, the decision has to be implemented for benefit of masses. Why should those vehicles, on the other hand, not be removed from the roads which are older, unfit and emitting more other normal harmful smoke polluting the environment? Why are many vehicles plying without carrying mandatory fitness certificates and why are the concerned agencies of the Government also proving to be less effective and negligent in the matter? Why should many vehicles operate on routes other than the ones allocated just to earn more money and should, therefore, in the scheme of their things avoid and resist installation of the VLTDs?
Besides, there are other issues that commuters are the often confronted with some other items. Can with any applied yardstick it be certified that the seating capacity in most of the passenger vehicles are comfortable enough especially for old, infirm and ladies? Are all vehicles kept absolutely engine tuned to create less noise and less emission? Are pressure and ear piercing horns not used at will as also songs playing devices used which are fraught with distracting the otherwise alert attention of the drivers? These questions need answers along with resolution of genuine demands of the transporters.