Adopt new mechanism for issuing of PRCs

For any system prevalent in the Government departments especially dealing directly with the public, must incessantly be reviewed to bring in reforms, ease and less of time consuming but in respect of issuing the Permanent Resident Certificates, for reasons better known to the concerned Departments, the old practices of delays, obsolete and lengthier formalities etc are preferred. If it is not so, what rationale is there in disregarding the recommendations given by a High Level Committee in the subject matter resulting in no respite from the ordeals faced by the public in seeking such certificates which are of vital importance to the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir state?
Under the rules, every Deputy Commissioner is empowered to issue these certificates and while doing so, we do not, in the least, opine for compromising on the basics and diluting the eligibility conditions of getting the PRC but would not like the old, obsolete, avoidable formalities, lengthier time taken procedures allowed to be continued only to cause loss of time, more harassment and even generate corruption. Newer proposals given to the Revenue Department and other concerned authorities to bring in perceptible changes in the process including empowering authorities other than the DCs levels, have never been given a serious thought. Let it be also reminded that there are instances when those not fulfilling the eligibility criteria have been ‘managing’ to get this vital document thus defeating the very purpose of it. A holistic pragmatic view needs to be taken and a definite time frame say ‘within 10 to 15 days maximum’ prescribed for issuance or outright rejection of this certificate but cogent reasons given for rejection at the same time.