Innovation Index

Developing a healthy competition amongst states and Union Territories of the country and rank them accordingly at the country level , with broader objectives of how best and in given time developmental ecosystem could be raised, NITI Aayog has , therefore, developed a comprehensive tool in the form of innovative index for evaluation of the performance levels. This index developed on certain parameters can give sufficient feel to a concerned State/UT as to where it stood in comparison to others in the developmental race. In this exercise for the year 2021, Jammu and Kashmir stood at 6th place while UT of Ladakh at the far ends amongst 9 Union Territories and City States.
In the innovative index , Chandigarh topped the list , UT of Jammu and Kashmir scoring 12.83 points from out of overall index of 14.56 although did not fare below the average , yet in the next exercise the rankings could be bettered to secure the top slot. This index, it needs to be noted, is based on transparency and scientific analysis much like and on the pattern of Global Innovation Index. Start -up Policy of 2018 as implemented and adopted by the UT of Jammu and Kashmir needs to be “peddled faster” in the opinion of the Niti Ayog in which geographical , climatic or ”other” considerations cannot be allowed to come in the way of faster growth. Hence, in every sphere of activity, it is performance only without putting forth limitations of ”difficulties” as hampering elements , which matters.