inner voice

For My Dearest Friend


Blessed to have you, a friend so loyal and true,
In life’s grand journey, I found rarest you.
With every smile and every tear we share,
In our friendship’s clasp, nothing can compare.
Through the seasons of life, entwined we stride,
In you, dearest friend, I find joy and pride.
A bond so covalent, it will never end,
I am luckiest to have you, as my eternal friend
In gratitude to God, I raise my husky tone on high,
Just for your precious gift of friendship, I can’t deny.
You, my dearest friend, a treasure trove from above,
Sent to fill my life with joy, boundless as God’s love.
In the tapestry of life, you brightly blend,
A cherished gift, my dearest, loyal friend.
Through ups and downs, you always commit by my side,
In joy and sorrow, with me you confide.
You’re a beacon in the darkness, guiding me along,
A melody of emotions in life’s sweetest song.
In times of need and times of glee,
Your friendship’s grace is a balm to me.
I thank the almighty each day and night,
For bringing you into my life so bright.
With you by my side, I am truly blessed,
In God’s great plan, you are the best. Jugesh Singh Thakur
Pogal Paristan


Secrets Of The Sky…


I often find myself gazing at the skies,
Trying to find patterns in the clouds.
They drift and dance, like fleeting dreams,
Each shape a story waiting to be told.
In fluffy cotton castles, I see castles old,
Where knights once fought with hearts so bold.
A dragon’s breath, a phoenix’s flight,
Imagination takes flight, day or night.
Sometimes I spot a ship sailing high,
Navigating celestial seas in the sky.
Or perhaps a face, with eyes that gleam,
Whispering secrets only clouds redeem.
In their ethereal dance, they paint a scene,
Of love, of loss, of places in between.
The sky becomes a canvas, vast and free,
A world of wonders for my eyes to see.
So, I’ll continue gazing, lost in thought,
As the clouds unravel stories, never bought.
For in their ever-changing forms above,
I find solace, inspiration, and endless love…..
Reetain Raina (Jain Bazar)




Friends are not
objects to be used
But people to be loved.
A faithful friend is a sure shelter,
whoever finds one, has found a rare treasure.
Rahul Gandhi
Rama Mandi