My first sip of coffee


My first sip of coffee

1 Just need some coffee in the morning ,
Less sugar , but no tea ,
Because it feels like my eyelith are falling ,
Like they are flying to sleep
Now , I’m looking at the milk boiling ,
Half asleep, I’m teetering left and right ,
Smelling the rich aromas of coffee , while thinking
Will I be able to sleep tonight ?
Finally, it looks perfect, exactly like my type ,
Some soft music and a hot cup of coffee ,
Perfect for a cozy winter daylight .
With the first sip of caffeine ,
My eyes get filied with delight ,
Just me and my coffee , no one in between,
This is what makes my mornings even bright.
Mannat Sabharwal

Solitary evening


After  so many days of hectic activity
I longed for moments of solitude and inactivity
Luckily, after long hours of preoccupation
I got one evening for  my seclusion
Away from the chaos of worldly noise
I could find a place for solitary rejoice
It was a trip to the sea for my soul to feed
Scripting a message to those who wish to read
That solitary evening was much required
This rejuvination of my body and soul was much desired
I found myself lost in that magnificent scene
Only by stealing few moments from my daily routine
Watching the waves rising above and then fall
Its beauty made me completely enthralled
This association imparted such a soothing and therapeutic effect
That I never wished this bonding to disconnect
This solitary evening  besides the sea was my safest refuge
Like a perfect date of nature and  a recluse
With a new hope of getting such solitary moments to happen in near future
I took leave with an aspiration to make this planning mature
Anu Gupta





You don’t remember the date of her bday, but she is the first one to wish…!
You don’t have to order in her restaurant, she has already prepared your favorite dish…!
Whether you belong to a poor family , she will always make you feel like rich
If your clothes get torned out, she would instantly make them stich
In the exam of caring you, she would never cheat
Firstly she would serve you then she would eat
She sleeps after you, she wakes up before you and prepares the joyful tea
If you love her like a water droplet she loves you more than sea
Her scoldings are like nectar and she is next to God
She is the number of blessing neither even nor odd
Her voice is medicine of pain, she is the therapy of success
God has bestowed you with her it’s a bless
Jass meet Singh
Adarsh Colony Udhampur