inner voice

Story of the spilled milk

It was the time of dawn,
When rubbing my eyes, I was sleepy in my half yawn.
First thing I did was going to the kitchen,
Where this annoying duty to me, was given.
Waiting for the milk to boil ,
Staring at it continuously was such a toil.
Fed up of sitting there tight ,
I finally distracted myself and started using my mobile.
It was at this moment , milk just got excited ,
And spilled out without being invited .
I threw my phone immediately,
And twisted the ear of gas knob impatiently.
I brought a cloth to quickly wipe off my blunders,
Before anyone else in the kitchen , enters.
And I know my skills of cleaning ,
I’ll be surely caught with a little bit of screaming .
This is how I spent my Sunday morning,
Adventurous enough , without any prior warning .
Mannat Sabharwal


O God!

O God! my saviour
Heal me please
Shattered I’m
Morose as well
The mundane activities
Dragging me from the real path
Forgive me for not being close to you
O God protect me
From the illusory world
A desert, where
I’m wandering
Here and there
Chasing the mirage only
O God give me refuge
Thou, the ocean of love
The river of compassion
Flows in Thy heart
Thy Holiness resides in my soul
I eulogise Thy grace and mercy.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.



That reliable finger which I hold,
Due to which I feel so bold,
Not scared of the dangers ahead,
Till I see my father’s head.
In long and lonely endless path,
You always hold me where it is dark,
You encourage me
to look up to the sky,
You try your best to raise me high.
Your endless efforts to help me climb,
That high destination which is prime.
My father, so reliable! I trust you so much
Loving, gentle and kind you are such….!!!

Komal Mengi
Raghunath Bazar, Jammu.