inner voice

‘My Little Snowman’

I was lone
It was raining
Bewildered I was to see
The array of little white pearls
Which were actually not pearls
But the small hailstones
In my courtyard
I collected all
Strived to make a snowman
I put a cap in his head
And a stick in his hand
It was like a little magician
Wearing a cap
And having a magic wand in his hand
I heard the pattering sound of the rain for a while
Took a toast with a warm cup of coffee
And with every sip I enjoyed the sound of rain
I peeped out of the window
My little snowman was asleep I guess. Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.



Through the window, gazing at the moon
This bitter winter will end and flowers will again bloom
Nothing lasts forever, an intrinsic truth
Your anxious nerves will soon be soothed
If came the stressful times, delightful will absolutely come
Its just to assay, across the flood of traumas, how will you swim
You will surely get what you deserve
Till the pleas maintain that beautiful smile curve
Don’t worry dear, everyone is going through the same
Despite feeling perlexed, focus on your aim
Show some faith in yourself and trust your potentials
More than external, self motivation is essential
Keep one thing in minds that
Even when the moon looks like waning
it actually never change shape
Be like the Selene
that courageously gets through all the phases
and never searches an escape !
Shiv Shakti Sunaina
Miran Sahib, Jammu



My desires are taking a toll on me.
And I am tired of playing a victim mentality.
This is a world of bold, strong types.
If only I could be.
Who run opposite, when they run that race.
Who don’t shy away from reclaiming their space.
Who carve a throne.
Out of the same wall that confines them.
And sit on it.
With power.
Nausheen Padha