inner voice


Some students make me
stretch my knowledge
realise how privileged I am
realise what hard work really is
learn about destiny
realise what humbleness is
realise how lucky I am
realise how less knowledge Ihave
realise the meaning of life
learn gratitude
learn the way of living
learn the way of giving
learn to help someone even with empty pocket
realise how less talent I have
learn time management
learn life management
I just teach them syllabus
but they teach me life lessons
I’m just an “Ordinary
who is fortunate enough
to have Extraordinary Students”
Abhishek Jandial
Panacea Classes, Udhampur



Peeking behind the dark clouds,
The shining light of hope,
Crisscrossing ways to despair and victory.
Despair says look beyhond me,
Painful eagerness of unfed hope,
Yet to be fulfilled.
Allow not withering and decay.
No mood of deep resentment be set.
Ban the rampage of mindless people,
The glimmer of hope shows the way.

Lifeless existence, unreal appearance,
Ambushed in the false pretence,
Being flattered by the merciess time,
Begitting vaieties of grief.
Befitting light of hope shows the way.

Windy night leading to rainy morning,
washing the dust of grief…..
Tears and rain, rain and tears, fuelling the fire of ndisdain,
Light of nhope shows the way

Comparisons, criticism, calculations,
Ignorance, insufficiency, condemnation,
Enveloped in the spice of envy,
In the trenches of darkness,
The bright flicker of hope shows the way…..
Roma Gupta