inner voice

‘New year’


May this New Year
Brings happiness
In everyones life
May all that
Which is not worth remembering
Be wiped away
From our mind
And new thoughts full of
Innovative ideas
Enter our head and heart
For better living
May this New year
Fulfills our much
Cherished dreams
And this whole world
Enjoys a blissfull year.
Kiran Kanchan


SPEECHLESS- A Letter to God


You are my first love, you are my life….
You are the one, who saved me from such non-sense strife,
You are the one, who moulded me,
When I was wrong, you scolded me,
You are in my silence, in my pain,
Only you were there, when I was in vain,
You are the one, who gave me the life,
You are the one, who ended so called evils, with your beautiful knife,
You are my best friend and you will be,
I don’t know how to give my special thank to thee,
You were the one, who gave me the hope when I was in dark,
And only you enlightened my whole path with your marvelous spark,
You are the reason I remained silent during worst time,
And now I know that I’m yours and you are mine,
And rest what to say …..there is nothing to explain your grace and beauty,
And only to live rest of my life only with you is my duty……….
Preeti Sharma




Strangers are familiar,
Neighbours are unknown.
The pride of falsehood,
With a burden of loans.
Choked are out throats,
With crystal bright screens.
Seeking bubbles of fame,
Eyes full of foggy dreams.
We boast of such unity,
With fear of losing behind.
Yield is all but anxiety
From a distracted mind.
A hefty forced freedom,
Lost and forgotten bliss.
A sheer game of survival,
Our society, it is.
– Reetain Raina
(Jain Bazar)