inner voice


From birth till now,
I see them behind me,
working without getting tired,
and I don’t know how.
They never stop loving,
and I ever listen to them.
But I can see that they
have become more caring.
They teach me day and night,
because they want
my future to be,
successful and bright.
Now their care is quite apparent,
and I know this now,
that they can never give pain,
as they are my PARENTS.
Kanishk Prashar
Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School.



I saw the bird worried and in anger shout,
She was gong in the nest and coming out;
It was getting dark,she was restless,
For someone she was waiting nonetheless.
On the roof I was taking a stroll,
The bird shrieked ,fluttered and roll,
Sometimes raised her head above and looked out.
In frustration she would shout.
She could not enter the nest and rest,
She cried and prayed her best;
She looked around,hanging her head hoped for best,
with tears in her eyes she hung outside the nest.
From far above came another bird,
Flew around where waited the bird;
Both entered the nest and I could hear the shrieks,
The birds complaining ,pacifying using peaks.
Soon it was quiet,
The birds reconciled and stopped the fight;
The anger had given way to love,
Always at the end wins love.

Kulbhushan Gupta



They laughed at her and asked,
“What do you know about pain?
We burned ourselves in the scorching heat,
While you stood in the rain,
You say you faced your share of problems,
But we never saw you cry,
It is attention that you crave for,
But we can see right through your lie”,
With heavy heart she explained to them,
That ”there were times when things got rough,
And in those times when I used to cry,
People asked me to be more tough,
You laugh at my sorrows and my pain,
What makes you think it’s not a sin,
Pain is not a competition,
That you are fighting so hard to win,
You thought you suffered because of the heat,
And what would I know about pain ?
But no one shared their umbrella with me,
When I soaked wet in the rain”.