Inner Voice

Let’s keep a Check

An overcrowded planet can never welcome a birth,
We need to take care of planet earth.
The alarming population needs to be checked,
As these resources are getting wrecked,
The situation is getting intense,
Talk about city or village, nothing is at rest.
Increasing population at present is a curse,
The land, the food, the poverty,
The situation is at its worst.
A family of ten is no longer a boon,
We need to get out of our cosy cocoon.
Educate thyself for the better,
Let’s take some steps further.
Family planning a better option,
Get rid of this poisonous notion.
a.k.a Population Explosion….
Neha Sharma
Sungal Morh



I have made a piggy bank,
A piggy bank off moments,
Of moments that I have lived,
Of moments that I’ve cherished.
Everyday I will save a moment in it,
Some moments of love from parents,
Some moments of fights with siblings,
Some moments of elders scolding,
Some moments of friends teasing;
The first day to school,
The smell of covered new books,
The stories from grandparents,
The festivities with relatives.
I will even add the moments.
Of amazing experiences.
From my first step to first slap,
I will save every moment,
As a change in a piggy bank;
After some years, when I’ll be free,
And I will have time but not those moments,
Then, I’ll break the piggy bank,
To unlock the treasure I saved
To relieve those moments I have saved.
Ayushi Gupta
Channi Himmat, Jammu


Say not you are tired, feel not your energy fired,
You are as your mental state, no one else but you write your fate;
With your positive attitude you can go on, never shall feel tired,
Go on come what may, never for opportune moment wait;
Say, how so ever tough it may be I shall not let my spirit break;
Success is in your hand and depends on the values for which you stand.
However difficult it may be, the next step you should take;
When your abilities and hard work you trust, success will be in your hand.
Kulbushan Gupta