inner voice


When we were born
He was happy like a growing corn
He’s the God of our life
Takes care of her lovely sweet wife
He plays football
shows us wave mall
He takes care
When we make a mistake he never spears
He’s so cute
In front of him his children are mute
Gives us gifts
make us lift
Junk Food he doesn’t like
Sings a song with a mick
His transfer is in Leh
That is far away
He is best father for us
From Monday to Sunday we want to be with him
Mahira Mahajan

How To Become Winner

The winner is a part of the answer.
The loser is always a part of the problem.
The winner always has a plan. The loser always has excuses.
The winner says let me do it for you. The loser says, “That is my job.”
The winner sees a problem in every problem .
The loser sees a problem in every answer.
The winner sees a green near every sandtrap.
The loser sees a sandtrap near every green .
The winner says ,”It may be difficult but it is possible.”
The loser says,”It may be possible but it is difficult.” Be a winner .
Tara Chand Bhagat
Talab Tillo, Jammu.

Save Mankind

It was a normal eventide
suddenly the clouds ate the sky
Darkness became the king
Innocent suffered from pain’s sting
I sat in a corner praying for
hope and love to take over
but the darkness didn’t budge
Houses turned prisons
world turned into a dynasty of poverty
Humans isolated from happiness and hope
when will this sadness go?
I know we can cope
I know it’ll end, but when?
Someday again the sun shall shine bright
the flowers will dance
All together we must beat this pandemic
Or it might be our last chance
For this we must let the caged
birds of hope fly high and
let the joyful dolphins of happiness take a deep dive
in our hearts and minds.
We must take a plege to remind ourselves
it’s time to save the humankind.
Aahana Tak

Life of an Engineer

Yes, we are the engineers
We create we make
We do all the great
We built we fly and give a sky
Yes that is us
Yes, we are the engineers.
We gave our four years
All days and nights
To innovate new things that make us shine.
We face new challenges and solve them within time
Because we are the engineers
Yes, we are the engineers
Proud to be an engineer
Yes, I am engineer.
Er Nishu Sharma