Enchanting poetry

O P Sharma
Book Name : Enigma of Life
(A collection of poetry in English)
Author : Anu Gupta
Publishers : Rohini publications Rehari, Jammu
This book containing 230 poems in English by a reputed Jammu-ite Anu Gupta has penned has feelings and expressed in the form of poems touching every aspects of life.
It is notable that her poetic compositions make sweet and sour moments. She paints the agony and pain of life in a subtle and stylish manner. Anu Gupta pleads : poetry is not pre-medidative mind but it is spontaneous, adding that it flourishes with the water of imagination and creativity”.
Some of the very interesting and informative poems in this book are :”Memories”, “Awakening “,”Mankind “,”Success “,”World at a glance “,”A cry in the rain”, “Solace”, “longing”,”Letter to God”, “Untold Agony “,”Lets me fly”,”Body and soul”,”Be kind, be true,be you,”;”The Book of my life”,”No beauty lasts forever “, “A gentle knock at the heart”, “Dancing with death”, “Wonder lust”, “My eternal soul”, “Melodies of love”, “Pride Vs Humility”, “Love story of sun and moon”, “Sound of silence” has also “Divine light” and so on.
A smooth flow in simple languages in the poem stanza in the poem “Blessed “, Anu Gupta writes:
Those who dive deep inside
Never remain deprived
It’s only by losing the fear of drowning
One finds the precious pearls which are there to reside
I have gone through this book and found it profitable and pleasure reading learning about experiences and lessons of life from the author. Anu Gupta .This 253-page book is well printed with fine get-up with free -flow of English language. I expect that this collection of poetry in English by Anu Gupta will be of much interest for the academicians, students, prominent citizens and literary circles and also it will adorn the libraries. The author Anu Gupta is presently Administrative Officer SC/ST/BCs Development Corporation.