inner voice


Some people work for fame,
They just want to make their name.
Unknown of what comes as a flame.
Then, comes to people who just blame
It’s just the money they want to claim.
Surely, they can commit a crime for the same.
Now, the turn for the innocent one,
Who just needs all the work to be done.
He is never ambitious and wants none.
But, they all are the people to the sphere,
So choose the one whom you want to be like.
But, don’t rush!! Cause they’ll always be here.
Maybe that’s the fear ?
What do you think
Manya Mahajan



I will find you
You are my next goal
You are the one hiding in the sky, the one hiding my joy
I want to take you with me but as an achievement not a gift
Christmas to Diwali – Birthday to Eid,
Every gift gives happiness and joy
But you are something unique
Like a Christmas gift waiting for you whole night thinking when will come white
Like a student confident to find and celebrate you
I am a detective you can’t hide
Jigisha Thusoo
Class 6th

The Lifetime Poem

I’ll narrate a lifetime poem
From a baby till an old age home
A newborn takes place in the world
Borned with cute soft body and top head pearled
It cries and cries
Till he gets a dice
When he is a little tall
He scribbles the wall
He doesn’t care so penny
And trusts, his father is Lenny
When he walks first
Parents are happy without caring hunger and thirst
When he first go to school
Tears drip and drip and create a pool
He sits in the van
Near a strange man
Mother repeat don’t cry
And handle them a toy
Dadi gives a kiss
And he smiles with a swish
When he is a teen
He is not seen
He plays and plays
Along night and days
But he pays
Playing in the mud, he doesn’t care
But shirt torn, mother doesn’t spare
When friends stare the shirt torn
He suggests something ominous and warns
He doesn’t cares
And a tight slap which let out tears
Then he fibs
His cheeks are on moms hand tips
When he is thirty – five
He adopts a different method to survive
He struggles between office and house
And parents think about his spouse
When he is eighty – five
He struggles between death and life
He remembers school time
Takes a long breath
And is served to death
Mahin Mahajan
Class: – 6D Jodhamal Public