inner voice

Miss you

She misses him more than she’ll ever say
Words are getting weaved in her head into messages she’ll never convey
Thinking of a day
without blabbering in front of him
literally gives her anxiety and fears
She tries to hold herself strong enough
but eventually break into tears
Songs anecdotes poetries everything reminds her of him
Their inveterate attachment
Sometimes just leave her grim
In extreme melancholy,
She replied I’m ok, all well
While her heavy heart was yearning to say I miss u,
I miss you like hell!!


Life !!

Even the worst day has an ending
And the best day has a beginning
There is something to learn or to grasp
It depend upon us how we deal
Like the waves of the ocean
We also keep going
No one is born with happiness
But everyone is born with the abilities that make them happy
Forget the past
But always remember the lessons
Reach your goals
Before goals kick you
Live a successful life
Before life leaves you !
Bhumika Lakhotra
FCHS Bishnah

The King

He is one
With tons and tons
Of army with guns
He and his queen
Are always keen
Together Seen
If any one does a mistake
He has to be broiled at the stake
Near the lake
He has a dress
Which is pressed
He is in lots of stress
He has a moustache
Sympathy he lack
His workers pull of the sack
He has minister Gold cluster
Coins that lusture
He has multiple wives
He has workers who swipe and wipe
And messengers who type
He can be Hindu, Sikh or Sai
He eats a breakfast of gold pie
A renegade to lie
He is the king
He has control of citizens like a needle on a string
No bee can come his area and make a sting
Mahin Mahajan