Heaven on Earth

In my lovely garden
There is a heaven
From morning till night
I can hear melodious voices
Of different birds
Who often take shelter
In the shady trees
Surrounding my lawn
And squirrels, sparrows,
myna and bulbul
All are there
Also honeybees and butterflies
Fly low and high
Sit on flowers
And sucks nectar
It’s really heavenly
When the fruit laden trees
And among the flowers I sit
And enjoy the beauty of nature
That has too much to give us
But reluctant enough
To adore its beauty
And feel the stress free environment
Kiran Kanchan

Nature’s message

I am nature,
The one God’s creature.
Sinking down by your cruel bounds,
No one like you ever founds.
Spring, summer ,autumn and winter,
Amazing seasons felt every year after.
Think of a forest full of trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
They are all burning out,
Mountains are also in doubt.
Whether we mould into a road ,
Or get ready for erode.
The birds that soar high in the sky,
Are on the verge of die.
O Brutal man,
Harm me as much as you can.
Now I show u my aggressive form,
An intolerable and belligerent storm.
That day is so near,
When you all trap in a fear.
Regrets binds you all around,
With the tag of sinner you crowned.
So, before the time fades away,
Step in the right way.
Protect what has been given for free
The waters, skies, wildlife and trees.

My family

When I begin with my family of Rainas
It reminds me of universe with million of stars
Also a garden all decorated with unique flowers.
Behaviour of every member differs a lot
But still all are tied n bounded in a love knot.
Even though relations weaken apart,
But even then, love for each other is what the inside art.
Gathering all together in occasios is the central rule,
Having fun and showering love is then the powerful tool.
Even if everyone stay quite far away from each other, our love is such
That cannot be explained in words
All bounded to each other like hairs coz of clutch.
Avneep Kour