Inner Voice

Hope amidst Pandemic

Few seasons ago, a pandemic engulfed our entire globe.
It wrenched our heart, and ruptured our hope.
People lost lives, people lost their loved ones.
An eternal trauma for the bereaving ones.
And, we realized that out of all the things we have,
life itself is our most ephemeral possession.
One merciless storm, and the plant of life gets uprooted.
Seasons passed, and world started believing that the pandemic has started fading.
But, just when we were finally coming to terms with those fading dark days,
the pandemic came again to torment humankind.
This time, with much more venomous fangs.
It filled the entire air with heart-wrenching pangs.
Then, how should we keep going when this path is flooded with tears?
How to have fortitude admist horrific fears?
The questions are many.
And, times are scary.
Pandemic is knocking our doors, using all its might to barge in.
But, this time, we will not let it break our spirit.
This time, we will force this pandemic tide to an eternal ebb. This time, our hope and strength will bring melodies to the din.
This time, humankind shall win.
Malika Raina


Look into my eyes,
You will get surprised,
Deep inside an Ocean of tears,
Thousand ears but no body hears,
A saga full of agony and pain,
Everything lost nothing has gained,
You didn’t know about my past,
Surrounded by many but still so lost,
A feeling that I cannot describe,
Life has been a roller coaster drive,
It is better to enjoy the ride,
Nothing in my hand everything I tried,
After storms like a broken tree,
Life has done no good to me,
Miles to go but I feel exhaust,
O Lord, Give me strength do it fast,
I know all my prayers will not go in vain,
One day I will overcome this endless pain.
This Endless pain….This Endless pain.
Tarandeep Singh
Singhpura, Miran Sahib.

Life, the temporary one

That waking with annoyance for school,
That strict attitude of parents as cruel;
That unwillingness of studying,
That daydreaming with wondering;
That regrets for something done wrong,
That addiction for any particular song;
That teenage madness for crush,
That firsts with them in natural blush;
The people we are with today,
The hardest we go through the way;
The relations with we are bounded,
The problems with we are surrounded;
The happiness we enjoy today,
The worries that make us annoy;
The world where exists everything in hurry,
The place where every single thing is temporary;
Jasleen Kour
Gadigarh, Jammu